• Which devices can I use?

    Vyke works on Android (4.0 and above) and iOS (8 and above) devices.

  • Can I use Vyke on my iPad?
    • Yes, you can turn your iPad into a fully functioning phone with Vyke
    • Make and receive low cost calls on your Vyke numbers
    • Make free and low cost calls on your SIM number
    • Send low cost SMS to any phone from all numbers
  • Why does Vyke require my mobile phone number?
    • Vyke uses your mobile phone number to validate your account and to send you an activation code.
    • When you call or SMS from your SIM profile your number will display as the caller ID.
    • Your Vyke contacts will know they can call you for free.
  • I didn’t receive a validation SMS

    Please contact our support team at Include your mobile phone number.

  • Why do I need to turn on notifications?

    Vyke uses notifications to deliver Vyke calls and messages. The app will not function correctly if you have notifications disabled.

  • Will Vyke replace my SIM card?
    • Vyke is not a replacement for your mobile phone, you need a SIM number to validate and set up your account and to use all of its features.
    • You may be able to port existing numbers on other phones you have to Vyke. Please contact
  • How can I enable notifications?
    • On iOS (Apple) devices:
      1. Open your device ‘Settings’
      2. Scroll down to Vyke
      3. Click ‘Notifications’
      4. Toggle on ‘Allow Notifications’
    • On Android devices notifications should be enabled by default. Each Android handset is different but this may help. If notifications are not enabled:
      1. Open your device ‘Settings’
      2. Scroll down to ‘Sound & notifications’
      3. Click ‘App notifications’
      4. Scroll down to Vyke
      5. Ensure ‘Block’ is toggled to off
  • Should I use Wi-Fi or mobile data (3G/4G)?

    An internet connection is required to use the Vyke app. We recommend using Vyke with Wi-Fi. If you are using Vyke to make and receive calls over mobile data you may be charged by your mobile operator for data usage. Please check with your mobile operator.

  • Can I use Vyke when I am roaming abroad?

    Yes, you can avoid roaming fees when abroad by making/receiving calls and sending/receiving messages with the Vyke app. We recommend you use Wi-Fi when abroad as your operator will charge you for data usage.

  • What do I need to use Vyke?

    You need an Android or Apple (iOS) device connected to the internet to use the Vyke app.

  • I can’t log in to the app

    Enter your mobile phone number and you will be sent a validation code by SMS. If you do not receive this or have any other issues please email or use the Contact Form on our website.

  • How do I get a validation code?
    • Ensure your device is connected to the internet
    • Open the Vyke app
    • Enter you mobile phone number in the field provided
    • Confirm your mobile phone number
    • Didn’t receive your code? Try using the call option.
    • Contact

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