Complaints policy

If we have not resolved an issue to your satisfaction, has the following formal procedure for the handling of complaints.


In the unlikely event you have a problem with the Vyke service, please open a trouble ticket using the on-line form, or email your complaint to We aim to resolve your issue quickly and efficiently. If, however you are not happy with the way we have resolved this issue, please get in touch with us and register a complaint.


Here are the ways you can complain to us:


Go to and fill in the form provided.

Make sure you include your Vyke username and the nature of your complaint.

By email

Send your complaint to

Make sure you include your Vyke username and the nature of your complaint.

By post

Please send your letter to the appropriate address below. Make sure you include your Vyke username and the nature of your complaint:

Customer Service Manager
Vyke Holding Ltd
2-6 Boundary Row
United Kingdom


Our aim is to solve any complaint to your complete satisfaction. Once you have made a complaint, an advisor will contact you by phone or email. We will try and resolve the complaint then and there – but we may need to get more information, in which case we will try and resolve the complaint within 10 days. If we can’t resolve it, we will agree with you what we can do. If you contact us by post, we will reply to you within 10days.

If an advisor can’t sort out your complaint, we’ll escalate it. A Manager will then work with you to try and sort out the problem. We settle most complaints by this stage but, if not, we’ll explain our final position. In some cases, we might send you a ‘deadlock’ letter. This means there is nothing more we can do.

You can ask for a Manager to review your complaint at any time if our Adviser hasn’t been able to help, and hasn’t already offered to refer things to a Manager.

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