• What is Vyke?
    • Vyke apps provide additional mobile phone numbers you can use for free and low cost calls and messaging without the need for an extra SIM card.
    • You need a Wi-Fi or mobile data connection in order to use Vyke.
    • Vyke to Vyke online calls and messages are free and unlimited. Users you can call and message for free are clearly highlighted in your app ‘Contacts’.
  • Why should I use Vyke?

    You can save on local and international calls and get additional phone numbers on your existing phone, allowing you to keep your personal number private and use your Vyke numbers for work, online dating, classified ads or a host of other reasons.

    Key features:

    • Simple to use mobile app
    • Keep your personal number private
    • Free online calls & chat
    • Make low cost calls & SMS
    • Receive calls & SMS
    • Customise each Vyke profile
    • Personalise each voicemail
    • Easily see who is calling
    • Decide when you are available
  • Do I need internet to use Vyke?

    Yes. Vyke requires a Wi-Fi or mobile data connection to validate user details, and also to make and receive calls and send and receive SMS and chat messages.

  • Can I make calls without internet access?

    No. All calls are reliant on the internet (Local Access and Callback use only a small data packet to set your calling number). We also require internet to validate your user details. Incoming calls and messages to your Vyke numbers are routed over the internet.

  • Can I receive calls with Vyke?

    Yes. You can receive calls on your Vyke numbers on any device. All inbound calls are routed from the caller over the internet to the Vyke app, so you must have internet access to receive calls. You can set up voicemail for when you are not online or unavailable.

  • I cannot receive any calls or chat messages

    You may need to turn on notifications.

    • On an iOS device select your phone Settings > Vyke >Notifications > Allow Notifications.
    • Android devices vary but you may select your phone Settings > Sound & notifications > App Notifications > Vyke > Toggle Block to ‘off’.
  • How much does it cost?

    The app is free and you can call and message other Vyke users for free. You can view call rates to non-Vyke app users and Vyke number costs in the app.

  • Are there connection fees?

    There are no connection fees or any other hidden costs. Calls are charged in 60 second blocks.

  • How secure is my communication?

    App-to-app calls are fully encrypted thereby safeguarding your personal information.

  • How can I call for free?

    Invite your friends and you can call them for free from your SIM number. When your contact joins you will receive a notification and they will have a ‘free’ icon in your Contacts list. You can call and message any contact that displays the ‘free’ icon for free.