• Where can I download the Vyke App?

    Vyke is available from Google Play and the App Store for Vyke Android (4.0 and above) and iOS (6.1 and above) devices.

  • Is the Vyke app available globally?

    Vyke can be used globally, but some of its features may be different depending on the country where you are based.

  • Can I download and use the same Vyke account in multiple devices?

    A Vyke account can be used from several different devices, but it’s not possible to make concurrent calls from different phones/devices with the same account.

  • Vyke fails to download

    Insufficient space on device, lack of memory, internet connectivity, download settings are among the most common reasons for failed downloads. Vyke does not require more space than other popular apps, you can try freeing up some memory, closing some unused running apps, wiping up some of your old cache, or just make sure that your phone has a live internet connection and try again. If you have restricted data downloads on your phone, then you can download it next time you have WiFi coverage.

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