• I cannot send any messages

    There are a variety of reasons you may not be able to send a Vyke message:

    • Are you connected to the internet? Vyke requires an internet connection. Please ensure your device is connected via Wi-Fi or mobile data
    • You have no free contacts – invite your contacts to Vyke so you can message them for free
    • You have no credit – SMS to non-Vyke users are chargeable so you need to buy Vyke credit. You can buy credit in the app or on our website
  • Who can I message for free?

    You can send free messages to any other Vyke user. Your free Contacts are clearly displayed in your app. You can invite your contacts to Vyke from the app.

  • What types of message can I send for free?

    You can send text and photo messages free to other Vyke users.

  • Why should I send an SMS from Vyke?

    Vyke SMS are cheaper than regular SMS, especially for international texts. You can send Vyke SMS to any type of phone, anywhere in the world. You can also send and receive SMS from your additional Vyke numbers.

  • How much does it cost to send a Vyke SMS?

    With Vyke you can send an SMS to any phone, anywhere in the world for just 3.9p/5c.

  • My SMS has not been delivered
    • Ensure the recipient number is correct and in international format
    • Ensure you are connected to the internet