• How much does Vyke cost?
    • The app is free and you can call and message other Vyke users for free. Call rates to other phones vary but begin at less than 1p/c per minute. You can view all call rates on our website.
    • Additional mobile number rates are available in the app.
    • Incoming calls to US numbers are chargeable at our standard rates.
    • We also provide a variety of 30 day bundles to specific countries. You can view these in your app.
  • How are calls charged?

    Calls are charged in 60 second intervals, so calling for 5 minutes and 1 second is charged the same as 5 minutes and 59 seconds.

  • Where can I view Vyke call rates?

    Our low call rates are available on the rates page on our website and in the app.

  • How can I buy credits?

    Calling credit is available through your app or on our website, where you will always get the best deals.

  • How can I transfer credit to another Vyke account?

    You can transfer credit to your Vyke contacts from within the app. Select your SIM profile > Buy > Transfer > then select your contact. Contact if you require assistance.

  • Will my mobile operator charge me for using Vyke?

    Calls over Wi-Fi and Callback will not be charged. Your operator may charge you for mobile data, and for national calls if using Vyke Local Access. Please check your mobile operator contract.

  • I was charged extra by Apple for an iTunes payment

    There is a premium applied to all payments made through iTunes to cover Apple’s commission. For our lowest rates always use our website.

  • What payment options are there?

    You can pay by debit or credit card, Paypal or via Apple in-app purchase.

  • I did not receive a Paypal verification email

    Please check your junk folder before contacting

  • Why have I been charged for multiple SMS
    • The standard SMS length is 160 characters, if you exceed this you will be charged as such.
    • Some special characters, international languages, accents or emoticons can count as several characters, or split your message into more then one part.