Top 10 most popular calling destinations

28th October 2016

The Vyke app has a truly global user base, with customers in as far flung places as Martinique, New Caledonia and even Madagascar, but the largest percentage of our users in any one country are in the UK. This makes sense as we are based in London, so much of our focus centres on this market. We also offer a free UK mobile number to users who sign up in the UK. Below you’ll find a list of the top 10 most popular calling destinations from our UK app users.

The recent UK referendum to leave the EU has had an effect on Vyke, as many of our suppliers charge in USD, so we have had to tweak our rates. However, as well as our competitive domestic rates, Vyke continues to offer market leading rates on international calls (along with free calls to other app users) and texts to anywhere in the world for just 3.9p per message.

Cheap calls to Poland from the UK Poland  Top 10 most popular calling destinations from the UK1 1.0p  Top 10 most popular calling destinations from the UK 1.5p  Top 10 most popular calling destinations from the UK 3.9p

The Polish market is so important to Vyke that we manage our own Polish Facebook page, our apps are in Polish and our Polish website is coming very soon. Current estimates put the number of Poles in the UK at 790,000. Vyke offer low per minute rates but you can also buy 30 day bundles for even bigger savings  – 100 minutes to mobiles for 99p or 200 minutes for just £1.89**.

Cheap calls to India from the UK India  rates_landline1 0.8p  rates_mobile 0.8p  rates_sms 3.9p

With over 700,000 people born in India resident in the UK*, India is the largest calling destination from the UK overall. It is the second most popular country on the Vyke list from the UK. On top of the low rates Vyke offer you can also buy bundles – 500 minutes for £4.29 or 1,000 minutes for £7.99.

Cheap calls to Nigeria from the UK Nigeria  rates_landline1 7.5p  rates_mobile 7.5p  rates_sms 3.9p

Overwhelmingly based in South London the Nigerian community is the eighth largest immigrant community in the UK. Call rates to Nigeria have increased significantly over the past 2 months but Vyke rates remain low. Best value 30 day bundles – 100 minutes to mobiles for £5.99 or 250 for £14.59.

Cheap calls to Cote D'Ivoire from the UK Cote d’Ivoire  rates_landline1 23.6p  rates_mobile 23.6p  rates_sms 3.9p

Although the Ivorian community in the UK is very small at around 10,000, a former Vyke sales guy hit the right note within this community, making Vyke the number 1 way to call Cote d’Ivoire from the UK. An expensive country to call, Vyke’s rates remain competitive.

Cheap calls to France from the UK France  rates_landline1 1.5p  rates_mobile 4.2p  rates_sms 3.9p

The UK’s nearest neighbours there are over 130,000 French officially in the UK*, although actual estimates vary. Boris Johnson once boasted of being the mayor of the sixth biggest French city.

Cheap calls to USA from the UK USA  rates_landline1 1.5p  rates_mobile 1.5p  rates_sms 3.9p

A mixture of Americans resident in the UK, Brits living in the US and trade between the two countries has created a large market for calls between these two nations. While only sixth on the Vyke list, the USA is the second most popular calling destination from the UK overall according to Telegeography.

Cheap calls to Ireland from the UK Ireland  rates_landline1 1.2p  rates_mobile 4.6p  rates_sms 3.9p

The Irish community are one of the most recognisable in the UK and number around 400,000*. Countless British claim Irish heritage (especially after Brexit) and nearly 300,000 British live in Ireland, it remains an important calling destination from the UK.

Cheap calls to Pakistan from the UK Pakistan  rates_landline1 3.0p  rates_mobile 3.0p  rates_sms 3.9p

Along with our Finance Manager, Sohail, there are half a million Pakistanis in the UK and another 700,000 who claim Pakistani ethnicity – 2% of the entire UK population. London’s mayor, Sadiq Khan, is the most high profile British Pakistani, his parents emigrated to Britain via India shortly before Sadiq was born.

Cheap calls to Egypt from the UK Egypt  rates_landline1 7.5p  rates_mobile 9.0p  rates_sms 3.9p

Another small immigrant community where Vyke provides competitive rates, there are many more British who claim Egyptian heritage.

Cheap calls to Germany from the UK Germany  rates_landline1 1.5p  rates_mobile 4.2p  rates_sms 3.9p

Germany has the fifth biggest immigrant community in the UK at 300,000 while another half a million Germans visit the UK every year. Vyke offers great low per minute rates and 30 day bundles.



*Statistics provided by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) 2011 census data for overseas population.
** All rates correct at time of publication.