Mobile innovation is not just for consumers

20th October 2016

Over the coming weeks Vyke will introduce Vyke Pro, our enterprise solution that offers a lower cost alternative for employees to have an additional work line using their own smartphone.

Vyke Pro is tailored towards business, allowing companies to offer a work mobile number to all employees, at a much lower cost than mobile operators currently charge, and without an additional SIM or device. Employees can use our over the top service on their existing smartphones, so businesses benefit by saving unnecessary overheads budget.

A typical UK business mobile contract is around £40, but with Vyke Pro, it’s just £5 and includes 200 mins and 200 global texts. Extra mobile numbers can be added for just 99p per month, allowing multiple international phone lines on  a single device (select from UK, US, Canada, Holland and Poland). So you keep your main number for personal calls and simply add a ‘work’ number for all calls and texts for work.

Switching to Vyke is simple, just sign up on our website. You can port your employees existing numbers across to Vyke so there’s no need to update your business cards. Add as many employees as you decide, plus all charges incurred are collected by Direct Debit. You only pay for the calls you make, a fraction of the charges mobile operators charge for both domestic and international calls. Monthly credit limits can be preset, adding further control over your budget.

Work calls can be separated from personal calls for both convenience and billing.  Each Vyke number comes with its own custom voicemail so you can set up a specific business voicemail on your business mobiles, so work colleagues won’t hear the same message as your personal contacts. Calls and texts to other users are free so you can set up groups to easily share information amongst your team, further reducing costs.