Vyke launches website in Polish

25th November 2016

Recently we discussed how Poland is the number one international destination for our UK based users to call, and what an important demographic it is for Vyke. Our latest app was translated into Polish several months ago, and we have managed a Polish Facebook page for several years, but now our Polish users get the full Vyke experience through Polish with the launch of our Polish website.

Along with our low rates to call Poland (landlines are 1p and mobiles are just 1.5p per minute) and our 30 day mobile & landline bundles (100 minutes for 99p, 200 minutes for £1.89 and 500 minutes for £4.49), we also offer Polish mobile numbers so you can make and receive calls from a Polish number no matter where you are, without carrying an extra SIM card or device. Great if you’re in Poland and you need a second number or if you’re abroad and you want a Polish number, without incurring high international call or roaming rates.

Incoming calls are routed over the internet and if you’re out of coverage of Wi-Fi or mobile data you can set up a free voicemail. We’ll send it to you once you’re back in range, so you’ll never miss a call.

Our UK based Poles can even get a free Polish number, meaning your Mum can call you at local Polish rates at absolutely no cost to you. Or get her to download the app too and keep in touch for free. Free Polish numbers are available when you sign up or by clicking ‘Add number’ on the app home screen.

The Vyke Polish site is available here or like us on Facebook.