Still the lowest rates to call Nigeria

8th December 2016

The Nigerian telecoms market can be at best changeable and at worst volatile. International rates to call Nigeria tend to fluctuate due to government levies and any changes by the major telecoms providers or mobile operators. Recently the Nigerian government imposed a drastic increase in the rate to call Nigeria which has affected all providers of international calls to Nigeria, including Vyke’s lowest rates to call Nigeria.

We continue to try to keep our rates as low as possible, but we don’t ever compromise on our call quality. Unfortunately due to these issues beyond our control, our rates to both Nigeria landlines and mobiles have been increased to 7.5p per minute (from just 3p) but these remain some of the lowest rates in the market.

Along with our low per minute rates, we also offer two 30 day bundles which allow you to reduce the rate even further. You can get 100 minutes of calls to Nigeria for only £5.99 or 250 for just £14.59, which both work out at less than 6p per minute. Bundles are available from the Vyke app or on our website and.

There are many providers of low cost calls to Nigeria, so here’s a look at the competitive landscape. Vyke offer the lowest rates to call Nigeria mobiles, even before you factor in the reduced bundle rates. You may find cheaper rates, but no one combines the convenience of the Vyke app, our crystal clear voice quality and our low rates.

Get the Vyke app today for Android or iOS for the lowest rates to call Nigeria and the rest of the world, free calls to other users and SIM-free mobile numbers.

Still the lowest rates to call NIgeria

* All rates correct and best available without a monthly subscription on date of publication. Rates are subject to change.
** Skype rates do not include 5.6p connection fee per call.