6 reasons to send messages with Vyke

10th February 2017

Along with extra mobile numbers, superb call quality on free calls and low cost calls to any international destination, messaging is a great reason to use Vyke. Here are 6 reasons to send messages with Vyke:

1. Vyke will never share your personal information

When you sign up for Vyke you share a really important piece of personal information with us – your mobile phone number. We value your trust in us and we’ll never share this or any other information with any third parties, for advertising or any other purpose. WhatsApp is a great app but sharing your personal information with parent company Facebook is not what any of us signed up for.

2. Simple to use instant messaging

Just like WhatsApp, Messenger and Telegram you can share images, video, audio files, locations, contact cards and emojis with your friends and family using the Vyke Android, iPhone or iPad apps. The clean layout makes it simple to use, and you can easily send multiple images with just a click.

3. Send IM and SMS

We love instant messaging, we use Vyke, WhatsApp and Skype constantly. But there are times you just want to send an SMS. Perhaps the recipient doesn’t have a smartphone or is abroad with no data? Whatever the scenario, Vyke texts are charged at only 3.2p (5c) per message, no matter where in the world you are sending them. You do need internet access to send texts but the recipient doesn’t need to be online or to have a smartphone to receive them.

4. Send private texts

When you add a Vyke number you can send texts to any number without giving out your main number. This means you can share your Vyke number if you’re dating, buying or selling on Gumtree or signing up for stuff online. Vyke adds a privacy layer to your mobile phone, and still send and receive texts.

5. Text from international numbers

Vyke numbers are available globally and you can select from UK, USA, Canada, Holland and Poland, with more countries to follow. Once you add a number from your chosen country (up to 4 extra numbers) you can send and receive texts as if you’re in that country.

6. We were sending free messages before WhatsApp was born

Vyke first launched a free messaging service way back in July 2008, that’s a full six months before WhatsApp was founded and 18 months before they launched their first app. Originally designed for Nokia’s Symbian OS, the app was designed to send messages between Vyke users for free if users were online, or at low cost if users were offline. We’ve simplified how it works and you now decide whether you want to send an SMS or an IM, but the concept is the same – we’re still bridging a gap from traditional mobiles who are still massively overcharging for prepaid SMS and international texts.

The Vyke app is the future of communications. With a clean layout and simple to use functionality you can add up to 4 extra mobile numbers without the need for a second device. You can then call and text for free or at a fraction of the cost your current mobile operator. Download the app for iOS or Android today.