22nd May 2018


Vyke and its subsidiaries (hereafter referred to as “Vyke” or “we”) are a group of companies whose parent company is Vyke Holding Ltd, a company registered in the UK. Registered number 09701220 and having its registered address at 27 A Maxwell Road, Northwood, Middx HA6 2XY.

The relationship between you and Vyke shall be governed by the laws of the United Kingdom without regard to its conflict of law provisions. You and Vyke agree to submit to the personal and exclusive jurisdiction of the courts located within the United Kingdom.

Please take some time to read our Privacy Policy carefully before you decide to get a Vyke account, as it will provide you with valuable information about how we use personal data that you provide and allow you to make an informed decision on whether or not you want to use Vyke’s services.

We may be contacted at or in writing to Vyke Holding Ltd, 2-6 Boundary Row, London, SE1 8HP, United Kingdom.


We may collect personal information about you including, but not limited to the following items.

  • Personal information. Examples include – your name, address and phone number as well as email addresses and other information you have provided us with.
  • Computer information. Examples include – type of operating system, type of mobile phone, type of computer.
  • Historical information. Examples include – how you came to be our customer, referrals and friends, correspondence with our support team or our customer service department or any feedback you have sent.
  • Technical information. Examples include – your username and password, IP addresses, calling (and SMS) number and destination, mobile phone service provider, calling (and SMS) history and duration, test calls and SMS made, geolocation to assist in Vyke calling services, any numbers you have preregistered for our services, cookies.
  • Products or services information. Examples include -the products or services you use or have attempted to use or the products or services you have ordered and/or had delivered and any associated information with such.
  • Marketing-related information. Examples include – products and services we have marketed to you and your responses to these, competitions you may have entered and your entries, links you may have visited on our pages, promotions you have participated in, and opt in or out emails.(Please note: if we have received a request not to send commercial electronic messages to a particular email address we may retain the details and the request indefinitely in order to comply with this request.)
  • Legal information. Examples include electronic signatures and electronic agreements to our Terms and Conditions and End User License Agreements (EULA) information we must retain under applicable laws.


Our primary reason for collecting this information is in order to provide the best possible service to you. Specifically, we collect and use this information to:

  • Provide goods and/or services to you;
  • Create your account and confirm that your account can be set up;
  • Convey communications products on your behalf;
  • Market our business to you, provide competitions and similar;
  • Arrange for third parties to provide our goods and/or services to you as necessary;
  • Manage our financial and commercial relationship with you;
  • Verify your identity;
  • Enforce fair usage policy and expire bundles;
  • Assist with our customer service to you and to resolve any complaints or disputes;
  • Manage our business and our technical facilities and to plan future development;
  • Disclose to prospective investors in or purchasers of us or our business;
  • Protect your and our interests including in particular to enforce any terms or conditions you have agreed to and in to fight against fraud; and
  • Comply with any legal requirements;


Information is normally collected::

  • Directly from you;
  • From a wholesale supplier or other entity involved in service delivery to you;
  • From our computer equipment (eg. Usage details);
  • In some cases, from other agencies such as credit reporting agencies;
  • From any marketing agencies we may use to market our products and services; or
  • If you become our customer as a result of a business acquisition from the vendor.

We hold personal information:

  • In paper files
  • In computer databases and systems.

All such data is controlled and supervised in accordance with any applicable obligations and exceptions under the relevant legislation. Your information may be accessed by authorised employees or consultants of Vyke or its affiliates that require access in order to fulfill their work-related duties and/or in order to provide the relevant product or service to you. We use such security measures as passwords, user access levels and encryption as well as controlled access places.


You may ask for access to information we hold about you. We may charge a reasonable fee for giving access. We may refuse when authorised to do so under the relevant legislation. Some information will not be released except where compelled by law and the appropriate legal procedure.


We may disclose information to the following groups or persons:

  • Wholesale suppliers and other entities involved in service delivery to you;
  • Other carriers, partner service providers and/or agents in order to provide you with the service or good you have requested;
  • Our professional advisers, technical and marketing consultants;
  • Another member of the Vyke group;
  • Prospective investors in or purchasers of us or our business;
  • Our agents and resellers as appropriate;
  • Debt recovery agencies or credit reporting agencies in cases of non-payment;
  • Fraud checking agencies;
  • Payment providers and their affiliates in the case of chargebacks and disputed payments;
  • Law enforcement agencies in response to a lawful request;
  • Government authorities in response to a lawful request;
  • Anyone to whom you complain about us or our services including any disputed payments;
  • A person who has claimed a bonus from us for introducing you as a first time customer in so far as we may advise that person that you are a first time customer; and/or
  • The administrator of any corporate services or goods provided to a company, group, organization, society or similar.

The information that you hold an account with Vyke will be implicitly disclosed to another, online, connected Vyke user who has your phone number in their address book or contacts list should you download, install and connect with the Vyke product. This is a feature of that particular product.

We may disclose information to respond to legal requirements, to protect our interests or to enforce our policies, protect anyone’s rights, property or safety. We, our local partners, or the operator or company facilitating your communication may provide your information to an appropriate local authority lawfully requesting such information. We will provide all reasonable assistance and information to fulfil this request and you hereby consent to such disclosure.

Where information is released, Vyke will require, where possible, that these third parties take appropriate organisational and technical measures to protect your information and to observe the relevant legislation.

Your information may be stored and processed in any country in which Vyke and its affiliates operate and maintain facilities, including outside of the EU. For the purposes of sharing or disclosing information in accordance with this section6 of this Privacy Policy, Vyke reserves the right to transfer your information out of your country. Should Vyke acquire or sell subsidiaries, or in the event Vyke and/or its assets are acquired by a third party, then information held by Vyke will generally be one of the transferred assets. We reserve the right to include your information, collected as an asset, in any such transfer to a third party.

Except for where specified above, Vyke does not disclose, sell, trade or otherwise transfer and information to any third party without your permission except where obliged to do so under applicable laws or by order of competent authorities.


Cookies are small files that are saved by your web browser to assist certain applications to recognise you and your preferences. We use cookies to personalise your dashboard and to improve your experience with us by remembering options you have chosen in the past and sites you have visited previously on our website. Vyke’s cookies may contain identifying information. This is part of the information that we collect about you and may be given to a third party to analyse on our behalf in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

The help option on the toolbar of most browsers can assist you in deleting cookies and in preventing them from being stored on your computer in the future. Should you delete or disable cookies, you may find that some of Vyke’s personalised services are unavailable to you.

Vyke may use clear gifs or web-beacons to count your visits to a particular webpage on its site or in certain emails sent to you. There is no personally identifiable information gathered.


Should Vyke’s websites contain advertising material relating to another product or service provider or access to another website then you must understand that these products, services and websites are outside of our control and that this Privacy Policy does not apply to them. Information may be collected about you and handled in a different manner to how Vyke handles and collects your information. Please be careful when you use third party products or services or access third party websites that you are protecting your information. Vyke will never ask you to provide your username or password from a third party application, service or website.

If you use any plug-ins, extras or third party applications together with Vyke software and applications then the provider of such may obtain access to information about you. Vyke does not and cannot control how the provider of such services and applications may use any information they obtain about you in connection to your use of the above.

Please ensure you review any privacy policies or other terms and conditions applicable to the use of plug-ins, extras and other applications not provided by Vyke before you install them.


We may from time to time ask you to provide information on your experiences with our products and services. You are under no obligation to provide this information and it is on a voluntary basis that you do so.

We may contact you via email, phone or SMS, or through modification of our websites to inform you of faults, changes to services or similar. We may also inform you via any of the above methods of any disputes, violations or suspensions that may occur in relation to your usage of our services, products or those of our affiliates, resellers or agents without limitation.

Vyke may also contact you with specials, promotions, competitions or other similar marketing correspondence. You may opt out of receiving further, non-essential communications by following the opt-out procedure outlined in the communication you receive.

Should you enter a competition, Vyke reserves the right to use any original content you provide as part of the entry requirements to use in future promotional material. This may include your name and country details. You may ask, at the time of entering a competition, to have only your initials released in future promotional materials.


If you do not provide information we request then it may prejudice our ability and/or willingness to provide or maintain services to you. In some cases it may be a breach of your contract with us.


Vyke and its affiliates, agents, and resellers will retain your information for as long as is required in order to meet our obligations under applicable laws and for the purposes of collecting that information as outlined above in the section “Why does Vyke collect this information and how do we use the information?”

Vyke will dispose of your information in a secure manner.


Vyke reserves the right to modify any or all of the Privacy Policy as required. Any changes will be available from our website and the revised Privacy Policy will come into effect 30 days after the date of publishing. Your continued use of our products, services or applications shall constitute acceptance of the Privacy Policy as modified.