New Vyke Android app released

6th April 2017

Calling all Android users! We just released an update to our Android app which contains a number of improvements. If you’re using Vyke Android, download Vyke 1.2.1 now.

What’s new in Version 1.2.1?

We’ve added extensive stability improvements, performance enhancements and bug fixes including:

  • Enhanced push notifications
  • Improved incoming calls when app is in the background
  • New Android permissions added – enable all to get the best from Vyke
  • Fixed a crash when the app was in the background
  • Minimum Android OS is now 4.0

We do extensive testing of our apps through our global network of testers, but we also rely heavily on our users to send feedback on issues they experience, especially on Android, where there are so many different manufacturers, devices and screen resolutions to support. Our users are also welcomed to request new features.

To send feedback on any issues or request new features email us at or message us on Facebook or Twitter.

New Vyke Android app Release