Improvements to push notifications

15th September 2016

Next week we’re introducing a major improvement to our underlying push notification system on iOS as we move to Apple’s updated VoIP specific PushKit notification system. Push notifications are integral to how the Vyke app works, allowing calls and messages to be delivered at all times. The new system allows Vyke users to see who is calling or texting before opening the app and on which Vyke number, while also improving battery life, performance, stability and reliability.

The old standard push system requires a constant network connection to be maintained between the app and a server to receive incoming calls and other data. The Pushkit framework will allow the Vyke app to receive notifications when the app is closed or in the background without maintaining this persistent connection to the server. Not only does the new system save energy but VoIP pushes are given higher priority and are delivered without delay.

There are loads of advantages to using PushKit to deliver notifications:

  • The device is woken up only when the VoIP pushes occur, conserving energy
  • VoIP pushes can include more data so not only will the number or contact that is calling display on the push but also the name of your Profile
  • Given a higher priority than regular push
  • VoIP pushes go straight to the app for processing
  • App is automatically relaunched if it’s not running when the push is received
  • App given more time to process the push

PushKit will also pave the way for Vyke users to preview the text of a message, reply to a message directly and also answer a call immediately from the notification, kick starting the app processing required to do this immediately.

The only downside to this improvement is that all Vyke users must update their app, as the old system will not work once we introduce PushKit. We will contact everyone next week when we put the new system and updated app live, so keep an eye out for a messages from us and make sure you update the app as soon as you see it’s available!

Vyke is all about compartmentalising your life, creating separation between your work, personal, dating or online lives. The new push improvements will allow you to further separate your Profiles, only receiving notifications on each when you want to receive them – if it’s the weekend switch off your Work Profile and fire up your Social Profile!