When you select to use our Callback service the Vyke system calls you and then connects your call. We offer a variety of ways of using Callback. If you cannot find the answer to your question please use the contact form or send an email to

Why would I use Callback?

  • When you are abroad it may be cheaper for you to receive a call with Vyke than make a call with your mobile operator.
  • Some pay as you go customers pay less when using Vyke than mobile operators.
  • Non smartphone users can set up Callback calls through the web calling portal @
  • You can use Callback from any phone if you have a Vyke account.

What is web callback?

Web Callback allows you to use the your Vyke account to set up a call between yourself and another person.

How do I use web Callback?

Just sign in to your Vyke account and select the ‘set up call’ tab.

Specify the number that you are calling to and the number you are calling from.

Once you have provided these numbers and pressed ‘Call’, the Vyke platform first calls you on the number provided (the ‘call from’ number) and, once you have answered, connects you to the number you are calling to.

What is regular Callback?

Regular Callback is a service that enables you to make low costs calls by triggering a callback to your mobile or fixed line. To set up a Regular Callback call, you must dial one of the access numbers and then hang up as soon as you hear the busy tone. You will then be called back by Vyke and asked to enter the phone number you would like to call. Vyke will then connect you to that number.

What is the Callback access number?

As a registered Vyke customer you may dial +442033189991 or +34961138021.

Can I use Callback from a fixed / landline phone?

Yes, but it should be a direct line, as the Vyke Callback system will not call back PBX numbers.

What happens if I try to make a Callback call with a phone that I haven't registered yet?

If you call the Callback system from a non-registered phone number you will be asked to enter your Vyke PIN number when you receive a callback. Please make sure that you have this close by when making a first time Callback call from a new phone number. Your Vyke PIN number can be found in your Vyke account, sign in and select ‘Your Vyke PIN’.

How many phone numbers can I register for use as my 'from number' in Callback?

You can register up to five phone numbers with Callback. If you register more than five numbers, only the last five registered numbers will remain active.

Will my operator charge me when I call the Callback access number?

No. The Vyke Callback service number will not answer your call so your operator will not charge you.

Will I still be charged if I do not get through to the person I am calling, or if I don't enter the number I wish to call when I am called back?

If you do not connect to your destination number, or if no destination number is entered, there will be a charge for incomplete calls using Callback as our system identifies that it has successfully created a connection back to you even if it has not successfully managed to connect to the person you have tried to call.

If I registered more than one phone number with Callback, will they all share the same call credit?

Yes, all calls made from your registered phone numbers will be deducted from your Vyke credit. Please note that only one call is allowed per account at the same time.

I can't use the Regular Callback number....

Callback numbers may vary depending on your geographical location so please contact for further information.

When I enter my PIN or the phone number I wish to call, the Callback system does not recognise it or asks me to re-enter it.

This means that Vyke is unable to correctly receive the numbers that you are dialling into your phone’s keypad. Please contact to resolve the issue.

I'm having a problem setting up a Callback from the web.

Make sure that the number you are trying to call is correct and that is in international format.

Example of number:

Domestic format for a French mobile phone: 0680555555

International format: 33680555555 or +33680555555 or 0033680555555

Click here to find out your destination’s international prefix.