Get rid of roaming fees

19th January 2017

We all know the best way to get rid of roaming fees when we travel abroad – turn off data roaming! This will reduce data charges but what about those expensive calls? We still need to make and receive calls both to our home country and to the country we’re visiting, whether we’re away on business or pleasure. You could wait around for the EU to get rid of roaming fees, but they have been talking about this since 2006, so I wouldn’t hold my breath.

If you’re like me you screen every call when you travel, deciding which is important enough to begin clocking up those roaming charges. And that’s just incoming calls. I also routinely neglect to make calls I probably should as unless I’m on away business it’s not worthwhile to pay £3-5 per day to access my plan.

In our quest to become the perfect travel companion we developed features in the Vyke app to allow you to make and receive calls (and send and receive texts) without incurring those expensive call roaming charges.

Firstly, we added free calls to other users. The cost benefits here are pretty simple, just like Skype and Viber you can call your contacts completely free of charge when connected to Wi-Fi. So why use Vyke for free calls? It comes down to call quality, and ours is crystal clear. Our apps are designed for mobile devices and our bespoke codecs give the best call quality available on the market.

You can also call over mobile data but we’re assuming you already switched off data roaming. If you have a great data roaming plan with your mobile operator, then Vyke calls are great over data too, and use less bandwidth than many of our competitors.

Vyke also offer virtual numbers available in the app. You can set up a specific travel Profile and you’ll get a number that can make and receive calls over the internet when you’re abroad. So again, connect to Wi-Fi and you’ll get rid of roaming fees for incoming and outgoing calls to any mobile or landline. This gives you the flexibility to call that restaurant, call back home or receive calls from anywhere in the world, without worrying about potential bill shock when you return.

The app is free to download, you get free calls to other app users and a free UK or Polish number if you’re in the UK (if you’re not then they’re just £6.99 for 12 months). So download the app and try it free today.


Get rid of roaming fees