How to get a Polish number on your UK phone

30th June 2016

There are a few reasons you may like to get a Polish number:

  1. Receive calls from your friends and family ‘like a local’
  2. Your contacts only pay local rates to call you
  3. Display a Polish number when you call
  4. Better than local rates
  5. Doing business in Poland

And there are a number of ways to get a Polish number in the UK:

  1. Get a Polish SIM card
  2. Call forward to your UK phone
  3. Use an app to make and receive calls

Call forwarding from a Polish number to your UK phone can be quite expensive and you generally get a landline number, and who needs a landline number? Or another SIM card! Most services will make you sign a contract which is not ideal. Probably being a bit cliched but ‘there’s an app for that’. The Vyke app.

To get a Polish mobile number on your UK phone just download the Vyke app, and you can very easily add a Polish mobile number for free. Your friends and family can then call and text you on your +48 number at local rates, usually covered in their plan. Because not everyone uses WhatsApp and there are still times you take calls from landlines and mobiles.

Vyke also offers free calls and messages to other Vyke users and low cost calls to the UK, Poland and the world. Call rates are PAYG (1.5p to Polish mobile) or you can get a monthly bundle of 500 minutes for only £4.99, which covers mobiles and landlines.

You also get a free UK mobile number when you sign up, which you can use for work, Gumtree, Tinder or anywhere you would like to keep your main number private. Select either a Polish or UK number, as long as you use it, your free number remains free.

How to get a Polish number

Aerial view of the Royal Castle and Sigismund Column at Castle Square in Warsaw Old town, Poland.