Flurry Analytics mobile meetup

2nd March 2017

Last Thursday we went along to the #PizzaBeerMobile meetup at the Yahoo! offices in Shaftesbury Avenue in Central London. Hosted by Yahoo! product Flurry Analytics, we were happy to venture out to hear about and learn from the experience of other app developers in our quest to optimise the mobile experience for Vyke users.

At Vyke we use Flurry in both our iOS and Android apps, amongst other analytics tools, to provide critical data to help us better understand the issues that our users face after they download our apps. We use this data to improve our user experience and provide value for our users.

As the name suggests there was pizza and beer, while the mobile discussion centred on current trends in the global mobile community. It featured a Q&A hosted by Flurry Mobile Developer Evangelist Toby Vogels. On the panel were Oliver Wang Hansen of Nodes, a London based app dev agency, Romain Eude, Co-Founder of Utelly, Eric Burman, UX Manager at Ticketmaster and Hannah Klion Springwater, Product Manager at Yahoo Finance.

What followed was a very informative yet informal discussion around mobile growth and each of the panellists gave some really honest feedback on what has worked and, more importantly, what hasn’t worked, for their apps and users. Obviously there are no right answers, and what works for one app in one industry won’t work for everyone. Like everything in app development, testing what works for you is key.

Toby is clearly passionate about mobile and the focus wasn’t on Flurry but on the experience of his guests. We took loads of knowledge from the event, from how to deal with negative reviews (be nice!) to how to manage push notification permissions (with an explanation!). We now just need to integrate all of this knowledge into our apps!

At Vyke we put user experience at the centre of everything we do, and we make improvements based on the data we get from our analytics. But we also put a lot of emphasis on user feedback, so if you’re using Vyke (or if you used to use Vyke) tell us what you think by email to, via the Android or iOS app or on Facebook or Twitter. We view, respond and act upon to all queries and feature requests.

Along with this London meetup, recent #PizzaBeerMobile events have been hosted in Berlin and Sao Paulo with events in San Francisco and Hong Kong scheduled for March. Check out the Flurry Analytics blog for more.

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