• Can I use Vyke numbers on an iPad or Android tablet?

    Yes, you can turn your iPad or Android Tablet into a fully functioning phone with Vyke numbers.

  • Can I make calls on my Vyke numbers?

    You can make low cost calls to any phone, anywhere in the world from your Vyke numbers.

  • Can I receive calls on my Vyke numbers?

    You can receive calls once you share your number with your contacts.

  • How do I get a Vyke number?

    Vyke numbers are available from your app home screen.

  • Are they expensive?

    UK users get their first Vyke number free* and all other numbers are very reasonable. Calls start at less than 1p/1c per minute. All rates are visible in your app.

  • What can I do with a Vyke number?

    Vyke numbers are real mobile phone numbers where the calls/messages are received by the Vyke app over Wi-Fi or mobile data. They allow you to connect with people or share your number while keeping your personal number private.

  • What is a Vyke number?
    • Vyke provide additional mobile phone numbers for use on your main mobile device, allowing you to make and receive calls and send and receive messages, without giving out your personal number.
    • Vyke numbers can be used for work, dating, classified ads, online selling, webforms, international presence or to prevent nuisance calls
    • You can decide when you are available on each of your numbers and set up individual voicemail messages so your boss does not hear the same message as your best friend in New York.