• Can I use Vyke instead of my SIM card?

    Vyke is an over the top service. You must have a mobile phone number from a recognised mobile provider in order to to validate your account by SMS. You can then use your Vyke account on tablets without the need for a SIM.

  • Can I call non-geographic numbers with Vyke?

    Premium numbers are blocked although some non-geographic numbers can be called. Contact support@vyke.com for details and rates.

  • Can I call emergency numbers?

    Calls to emergency numbers are not permitted. Vyke is not a replacement for your telephone.

  • Can you explain the various call types?
    • Free Calls – Calls between Vyke users are routed totally across the internet.
    • Wi-Fi/mobile data – Calls are routed over the Internet via your Wi-Fi or 3G/4G data connection to Vyke, where we connect you to the telephone network and the person you are calling. Use this method when you have a good internet connection.
    • Local Access – This method is only used when you are in your home country, using a SIM card from that country. Vyke connects using your local GSM minutes. This is a great way to use Vyke, especially if you are out of range of a Wi-Fi hotspot and also have a monthly bundled minutes allowance.
    • Callback – You click to call your contact as normal and Vyke seamlessly ‘calls you back’ then connects you to the number you are calling. For use in countries where Local Access is not available. Callback calls are slightly more expensive as there are two parts to each call. The app requires a very small amount of data to initiate the call.
  • I cannot hear the person I am calling

    You may need to allow Vyke to use your microphone. Check your general phone settings.

  • The person I am calling cannot hear me

    You may need to allow Vyke to use your microphone.

    • On your iOS (Apple) device
      1. Open your device ‘Settings’
      2. Click ‘Privacy’
      3. Click ‘Microphone’

    Toggle Vyke to ‘on’.

  • I cannot receive a call

    To receive calls your contacts need to call one of your Vyke numbers. You can easily share your number. From the app Home Screen click ‘i‘ and ‘Share my number’.

  • I cannot make a call

    There are a variety of reasons you may not be able to make a Vyke call.

    • Are you connected to the internet? Vyke requires an internet connection. Please ensure your device is connected via Wi-Fi or mobile data.
    • You have no free contacts – invite your contacts to Vyke so you can call and message them for free.
    • You have no credit – calls and SMS to non-Vyke users are chargeable so you need some credit. You can buy credit here.
    • You are not dialling correctly – All calls should be dialled in international format.
    • You are dialling a special service, premium rate, satellite or IP numbers. Vyke will not connect these calls.
  • Do I have my own number where people can call me?

    You can easily set up multiple additional mobile numbers that your contacts can call you on. This allows you to keep you main number private, create international presence and also save on roaming fees when you are abroad.

  • How do I make a call with Vyke?

    Open the app and select a contact or key in the number in the dial pad.