Stop nuisance calls (and texts)

21st enero 2016

How to stop nuisance calls (and texts)

We receive a lot of unwanted calls and texts for a variety of reasons. Sometimes we forget to tick the opt-in/out box when we sign up for something online. Sometimes we have to opt in in order to use the service. Sometimes companies sell our details anyway. Here’s a handy guide to help stop nuisance calls and unwanted SMS:

    1. Sign up with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS):
      The TPS offer a free service that allows you to record your preference not to receive unsolicited sales or marketing calls. Once you register all organisations cannot legally call you about anything you have not explicitly signed up to receive information about. Unfortunately the TPS does not prevent unwanted SMS. You can sign up for the TPS on their website.
    2. Don’t give out your main number:
      Keep you main number private when you sign up on a website or app. Vyke offer up to four extra mobile numbers you can use to help stop nuisance calls and texts. Set up a Vyke Profile, let’s call it ‘Sign Ups’. You’ll know where any calls to this number are coming from before answering and you can even turn the number off and not be disturbed by these calls. Your first Vyke number is free (as long as you use it).
    3. Tick/untick the correct box:
      There are no strict guidelines on how you opt in or opt out of receiving marketing or sales communications. On some sites you must opt in, others you opt out. Sometimes you must tick a box, sometimes you must untick the box. Read the information provided carefully and be careful what you sign up for.
    4. Use call blocking technology:
      Most smartphones have an option to block specific numbers so you will not receive calls from them again. Beware that sometimes this will mean that calls are bounced straight to voicemail, giving you unwanted voicemails and some providers do still charge for access to your voicemail. Here’s how to block calls on the most popular devices:
      a. iPhone
      b. Android
      c. Windows phone
      d. Blackberry
    5. Join the Which? campaign (UK consumers only):
      Which? is a consumer rights campaigner that “work to make lives fairer, simpler and safer”. They champion a variety of causes that help to make our everyday lives better. From the misleading supermarket prices to advertised broadband speeds, Which? have campaigns that affect all consumers. You can view a full list of Which? campaigns here or go straight to the Nuisance calls and texts campaign here.

Why you need extra mobile numbers

7th enero 2016

Why you need extra mobile numbers

Your mobile phone number is one of the few unique things we have, along with email addresses, bank accounts and your national insurance number.

At Vyke we believe we give out our numbers too easily. Whether we are filling out forms, selling online or dating, your number can easily end up in the wrong hands. In most cases the worst that this leads to is nuisance calls and texts but it could also lead to identity theft or your number being used in any number of scams or fraud.

Everyone has a need for at least one extra mobile number. Your second number can be used for work, dating, online selling, classifieds, international presence or when travelling abroad. Call and SMS rates are then a lot cheaper than your mobile operator, both for international and local calls.