Vyke app release includes CallKit integration

3rd February 2017

The latest Vyke iOS app update will be released on Monday (06/02/17) to the App Store. Along with  general bug fixes and improvements we have included Apple’s CallKit framework, which is an update that integrates VoIP applications like Vyke into the native iOS experience.

This integration allows you to answer incoming Vyke calls (free calls or calls to your Vyke numbers) without unlocking your iPhone, and you can also make calls from your native phone recents. Once you make or receive a call on Vyke it will display in your phone recents and you just tap to make a call. Using Vyke becomes the same as making calls from your regular phone.

Calls are clearly marked as ‘Vyke Audio’ with your profile name displayed after the contact name, or ‘Vyke Free’ if you’re making or receiving free calls. So just tap to call from any Vyke number without opening the Vyke app. A real time saver for your busy life J.

CallKit benefits for Vyke users:

  • Answer incoming calls without unlocking your phone
  • Make and receive calls from your native Recents
  • Vyke calls marked as ‘Vyke Audio’
  • Free Vyke calls clearly marked as ‘Vyke Free’
  • Calls to and from your Vyke numbers displayed

Make sure you download the update (version 1.3) for iPhone or iPad on Monday from the App Store.

CallKit integration for Vyke