How it works

What is Vyke?

Why should I use Vyke?

Key features:

Do I need internet to use Vyke?

Can I make calls without internet access?

Can I receive calls with Vyke?

I cannot receive any calls or chat messages

How much does it cost?

Are there connection fees?

How secure is my communication?

How can I call for free?

Technical requirements

Which devices can I use?

Can I use Vyke on my iPad?

Why does Vyke require my mobile phone number?

I didn’t receive a validation SMS

Why do I need to turn on notifications?

Will Vyke replace my SIM card?

How can I enable notifications?
Should I use Wi-Fi or mobile data (3G/4G)?
Can I use Vyke when I am abroad?
What do I need to use Vyke?
I can’t log in to the app

How do I get a validation code?


I already have created a Vyke account, why do I need to validate again?

Where can I view additional information on my Vyke account


How do I make a call with Vyke

Do I have my own number where people can call me?

I cannot make a call

There are a variety of reasons you may not be able to make a Vyke call.

I cannot receive a call
The person I am calling cannot hear me
I cannot hear the person I am calling
Can you explain the various call types?
Can I call emergency numbers?
Can I call non-geographic numbers with Vyke?
Can I use Vyke instead of my SIM card?


I cannot send any messages

Who can I message for free?
What types of message can I send for free?
Why would I send an SMS from Vyke?
How much does it cost to send a Vyke SMS?
My SMS has not been delivered


How much does Vyke cost?

How are calls charged?
Where can I view Vyke call rates?
How can I buy credits?
How can I transfer credit to another Vyke account?
Will my mobile operator charge me for using Vyke?
I was charged extra by Apple for an iTunes payment
What payment options are there?
I did not receive a Paypal verification email
Why have I been charged for multiple SMS

Vyke Numbers

What is a Vyke number?

What can I do with a Vyke number?
Are they expensive?
How do I get a Vyke number?
Can I receive calls on my Vyke numbers?
Can I make calls on my Vyke numbers?
Can I use Vyke numbers on an iPad or Android tablet?


Where can I download the Vyke App?
Is the Vyke app available globally?
Can I download and use the same Vyke account in multiple devices?
Vyke fails to download